When the lights went out!

At much-publicised recitals of Persian music in Tehran, the lights went out just as renowned world music star, Homayoun Shajarian, got on stage. After thousands of people clapped in the darkness, singing the “old” pre-revolution national anthem (even women’s voices could be heard and women are not allowed to sing in public), the star’s more famous father, Mohammad Reza Shajarian got on stage and denounced the government. He said the interior ministry was deliberately trying to stop Iranians from listening to the music of their country. Visibly angry, the audience’s mood was less anticipation of complex, jazz-like permutations of Dastgahs on Dafs, Tars, Tombaks, Setars, Kamanchehs, Neys, Tanburs, Santurs, and Uds and more on political change.

Mohammad Reza Shajarian got on stage and denounced the government. He said the interior ministry was deliberately trying to stop Iranians from listening to the music of their country.

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Shajarian to give concerts in U.S.

Maestro Shajarian on StageMohammadreza Shajarian accompanied by the Ava music band will be performing concerts in the U.S. in April/May 2008.

He gave a series of concerts together with his new band Ava, in Tehran in the summer and in Isfahan in October.

“The concerts will be held in many U.S. cities, but the exact time and locations of the performances have so far not been specified,” Ava’s tar virtuoso Majid Derakhshani told CHN.

Some pieces which were performed in previous concerts will be restaged in the U.S performances, he added.

Derakhshani went on to say that the band had not entered the 23rd International Fajr Music Festival since Shajarian had been scheduled to give concerts in Dubai which were later cancelled.

Iranian Dastan Band on European tour

Announcing this, Saeed Farajpouri, a composer who will take part in the presentation, told MNA that the group’s first concert was in Italy and the performance was followed by programs in Frankfurt and Stockholm. It also has several concerts on its agenda in Holland and Belgium.

Describing the concert as Homayoun Shajarian’s first independent cooperation with Dastan Group, he said that the presentations of the band were warmly welcomed.

Farajpouri further said that one of the positive aspects of the music band is the workshops it conducts on Iranian music for students of respective country after any program, Iran Daily said.

Dastan will perform in two sections, the first of which will feature pieces by noted Iranian classical and contemporary poets including Hafez, Sa’di and Shafiei-Kadkani to music composed by Hamid Motabassem.

Venice Concert Pics

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Iran’s Dastan to go on global tour

Dastan EnsembleThe prominent Iranian music ensemble, ‘Dastan‘ plans to perform concerts with a number of famous symphony orchestras around the world.

In its first performance with Belgium’s Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, the group will present pieces by Saeed Farajpouri, Hamid Motabassem and Hossein Behrouzi-Nia.

Iran’s legendary vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian will perform with the ensemble in some of its concerts.

Founded in 1991 by Hamid Motabassem, the world-famous Dastan ensemble has performed numerous international concerts.

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Morning Bird (Morgh-e Sahar)

Morning Bird [Bird of Dawn, in Persian: مُرغ سحر

> Main Composer: Mortezaa Neydaavood
> Poems: Malakosho’araa-ye Bahaar
> Dastgaah: Maahur
> Vocal: Homayoun Shajarian
> Music: Dastan Ensemble

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24th January 2008, Venice, Italy

> Notes: The musical composition (in Persian: Tasneef or Taraaneh) of the Morning Bird, aka the Dawn Bird, was written during Qajar era and it is one of the most notable Poetical Touchstones of MTB since it also portrays the present-day Iran from socio-political standpoints. The Persian version of the song can be viewed in the Poetry House of Bahar.  It should be noted that the Morgh-e Sahar was firstly sung by Iranian singers late Ghamarolmoluk-e-Vaziri, and then by late Moluk-e-Zarrabi. It was also sung by contemporary Iranian singer Mohammad Reza Shajarian in recent years.

> Lyrics:

O Morning bird, sadly sing and remind me
Of my pain afresh with a burning sigh
Break this cage and turn it upside down
Wing tied nightingale, leave the corner of this cage
Compose the song of freedom for the mankind
And with a breath, set fire to the battlefield
Of the mass of this earth
The cruelty of tyrants and the injustice of huntsmen
Have broken my nest to the winds
O God, O turning globe, O nature
Turn our dark night into dawn…

Italy to host Persian music concert

Homayoun Shajarian & Dastan EnsembleItaly is to host a concert by Iran’s Dastan Ensemble featuring Homayoun Shajarian, acclaimed vocalist of classical Persian music.

Venice will be treated to a compilation of works by mystic poets Mowlavi and Hafez sung by Iranian classical singer, Homayoun Shajarian.

The performance features traditional Iranian music played in various melodic styles or Dastgahs.

Dastgahs make use of traditional Persian instruments such as the Tar (string instrument), the Daf (frame drum), the Tombak (goblet drum) as well as the Kamancheh (a violin-type instrument).

Homayoun Shajarian, son of Iran’s master vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is scheduled to perform on January 24, 2008 at the Teatro Toniolo Mestre.