Iran’s Dastan to go on global tour

Dastan EnsembleThe prominent Iranian music ensemble, ‘Dastan‘ plans to perform concerts with a number of famous symphony orchestras around the world.

In its first performance with Belgium’s Liège Philharmonic Orchestra, the group will present pieces by Saeed Farajpouri, Hamid Motabassem and Hossein Behrouzi-Nia.

Iran’s legendary vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian will perform with the ensemble in some of its concerts.

Founded in 1991 by Hamid Motabassem, the world-famous Dastan ensemble has performed numerous international concerts.

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7 Responses

  1. سلام دوست عزیز
    کاری که شما میکنید شناساندن نه تنها همایون شجریان و استاد شجریان بلکه شناساندن موسیقی ایران به جهان است.
    به لطف خدا موفق باشید.
    با تشکر
    مهدی معتمد

  2. Are they coming to the USA? For Concert 2008
    Thank You

    U.S Concerts are not in their schedule yet.

  3. Thank Yoiu

  4. some one have e-mail Homayoun shajarian?
    Thank You

  5. did you find his email address? if so could I have it please?

  6. some one have e-mail homayoun shajarian or mohamadreza shajarian?

  7. باسلام مترتیبی بدهید بتوانیم اواز های همایون جان رابشنویم وخود ایشان رادرحال اجرا مشاهده کنیم


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