Italy to host Persian music concert

Homayoun Shajarian & Dastan EnsembleItaly is to host a concert by Iran’s Dastan Ensemble featuring Homayoun Shajarian, acclaimed vocalist of classical Persian music.

Venice will be treated to a compilation of works by mystic poets Mowlavi and Hafez sung by Iranian classical singer, Homayoun Shajarian.

The performance features traditional Iranian music played in various melodic styles or Dastgahs.

Dastgahs make use of traditional Persian instruments such as the Tar (string instrument), the Daf (frame drum), the Tombak (goblet drum) as well as the Kamancheh (a violin-type instrument).

Homayoun Shajarian, son of Iran’s master vocalist Mohammad Reza Shajarian, is scheduled to perform on January 24, 2008 at the Teatro Toniolo Mestre.


One Response

  1. Dar shabe concert ,ke dar Venice ejra shod, tanha cheeze ke mitunestam beshnavam gheyraz ahange zibaheshan, tapeshe ghalbam bud ke tond nirumand bud. Muhaie badanam kamelan sikh shodebud.

    Vaghean asheghe farhange iraniam, asheghe music sonatio classic, asheghie in guruh va in khanande!
    Lezat bordam!
    Az ashenahishun khoshal shodam!

    Harcheghad dar italia be donia amadam va bozorg shodam , khunam iranie , farhangam iranie!
    Mamnun aghie Homayoun Shajarian baraie energye mosbati ke be man dadin ba un sedaie zibatun!
    Hamishe moafagh bashid.

    Parisa Makki

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