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Homayoun Shajarian, Famous Persian Classical Music VocalistHomayoun Shajarian is a renowned Persian classical music vocalist, as well as a Tombak and Kamancheh player. He was born (21 May 1975) in Tehran in a music-dedicated family. He is the son of Mohammad Reza Shajarian, who is in turn the grand master vocalist of traditional Persian music. He began studying knowledge of technique and rhythm under supervision of Nasser Farhangfar, master of Tombak, a Persian hand drum, at the age of five. Afterwards, he also continued learning Tombak under Jamshid Mohebbi‘s supervision. He commenced learning Persian traditional vocal Avaz at the age of ten, alongside his older sisters under father’s supervision and gained knowledge of Avaz techniques and voice-producing. Simultaneously, he attended Tehran Conservatory of Music and chose Kamancheh as his professional instrument as well as being tutored by Kamran Darogheh and Ardeshir Kamkar. He joined Ava Music Ensemble in 1991. He accompanied father in concerts of Ava Music Ensemble in US, Europe and Iran, playing Tombak. From 1999 on, he started accompanying father also on vocals. He has performed in several famous festivals including: Fez Festival (Morocco), Kölner Philharmonie, Berliner Philharmonie, Royal Festival Hall London, New York World Music Institute and Paris Theatre. His first independent work Nasim-e Vasl, composed by Mohammad Javad Zarrabian, was published on his 28th birthday, in 21 May 2003.


Life Events Calendar

1975 > Born on 21 May
1985 > Began studying Avaz under his father’s supervision
1991 > Joined Ava Music Ensemble, playing Tombak
1994 > Performed Qassedak concerts around Europe with his father and Parviz Meshkatian
1999 > Started co-vocaling with his father in concerts
2000 > Accompanied his father in Nava, Dad-o-Bidad, and Zemestan in Europe, US, and Canada concerts
2002 > Accompanied his father in Rast-Panjgah and Morakkab Khani in Europe and Canada concerts
2003 > Published his first independent album: “Nasim-e Vasl”
2004 > Published independent albums: “Na-Shakiba” and “Showq-e Doost”
2005 > Published independent album: “Naqsh-e khiyal”
2006 > Published independent album: “Ba Setareh-ha”



  • Nasim-e Vasl (2003) with Mohammad Javad Zarrabian
  • Na-Shakiba (2004) with Ardeshir Kamkar
  • Showq-e Doost (2003) with Mohammad Javad Zarrabian
  • Naqsh-e Khiyal (2005) with Ali Qamsari
  • Ba Setareh-ha (2006) with Mohammad Javad Zarrabian


– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [go]
– Dastan Ensemble official website [go]


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  1. 🙂

  2. salam, khobin?
    mer30 webloge qashangi darin, ama farsi ra pas bedarim, yani age beshe webeton ro do bakhsh konid : persian & eng .
    tank u. till next time bye bye
    good luck

    You will find your answer here: http://homayounshajarian.blogfa.com/

  3. in my idea, its not true because its a way of learning english and you can read the persian version
    and there are some new texts in this english weblog

  4. I wanted to tell you s.th, there is a music group in mazandaran,mahmudabad, that named DELSHODEGAN and they perform OSTAD SHAJARIAN songs

  5. Hello every one. When is going to be a concert in USA?

  6. ostad shajariyan
    Thank You

  7. I would like to know about Concert In USA…When and where….If some one to know about it Please Let me know Please…..Thank You and God Bless You

  8. Nobody answer

  9. could I have email address of Homayoun Shajarian please???

  10. me too please….

  11. Are you active? why you do not answer?

  12. Salam

    I am living in Paris, I heard that Homayoun is in Europe, somebody could inform me please where exactly and if he will come in Paris or London?

    Kheli Mamnoun

  13. Dear Mr.Homayoun Shajarian,
    Listening your last Concert(in Niavaran palace),I realized you as notonly as a good singer but also a knowledable person.I just want to thanks you and wish you luck.By the way the poems of yours were (IS)super cool! may God bless you.

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